To my mind the best psychedelic release of the year to date.

Lucidvox are an all female Psych/folk/punk outfit from Russia with awesome power and commitment. If you will, imagine a cross between Amon Duul II and Hawkwind with influences of European folk.

The electronic elements of their music are mesmerising but they also rock with a savage attack tempered by ethereal chants from Alina, Drummer Nadwzdha assaults the skins with a vicious power, Galla’s guitar riffs are chopping and brutal while Anna’s bass reminds me at times of Lemmy. The trumpet on ‘Runaway’ is uncredited but jazz-like and I could enjoy an entire album of it.

I found myself tuning in to this album often, never really picking up individual tracks as the album picks you up with ‘My Little Star’ and deposits you back to earth after ‘Sirin’ feeling thoroughly satisfied by the experience. It really isn’t an album of parts as much as a whole shamanistic trip.

The DIY scene is very strong in Moscow at the minute and Lucidvox are one of the leading lights. This is their first international release and Glitterbeat have done a good job in presenting them.
All told, a great album .