Mags On Earth this week releases her debut album 'For What Began by Putney Bridge’. A huge 16 songs long, it’s filled with wonderfully crafted, dreamily melancholic sounds shaped musically, lyrically and visually by the city sounds she finds herself surrounded by.Produced by good friend and long time collaborator producer Jose Manuel Cubides, the album details the story of her loss of a long term relationship, which becomes tangled up in other losses.

Set in and around London, a city in which much of her feelings of loss are tied to, song like 'One September in Hackney’ and ‘If You Wanna Do This’ address her adjusting to a city tied to so much old feelings, ‘Lion in Dalston’ finds her finding distractions and adventure, and ‘Deal’ finds those feelings of heartbreak and paint sinking in.

A rollercoaster of emotions, the minimal production, dreamy atmospherics, and often hushed vocals gently lure you in. Channeling more than a little of a Lana Del Rey feel, upon repeated listenings this Mags Of Earth’s debut album becomes more and more essential. From the hypnotic ’The Good Man In Town’, the slowly rhythmical ‘How To Break Up Like You’ and the powerfully delicate closing refrain of ‘Backfire (Before The Fall)’, the raw emotion poured into the writing and recording of this album are unmissable. It's as strong a debut album as you'll find in 2020.

To accompany the beautiful sounds, Mags On Earth has also self-made a video to accompany every song on the album. The playlist of these are embedded above.