Indie Rock Band, The Holy have just released their sophomore album ‘Mono Freedom’. Inspired by Alan Weisman’s book The World Without Us, the album follows the success of their debut album ‘Daughter’. The Finnish quintet; Eetu Henrik Iivari, Pyry Peltonen, Laura Kangasniemi, Mikko Maijala and Eero Jääskeläinen
received praise from within Finland and Europe which lead to an EMMA-Nomination (Finnish Grammy) for Critics’ Choice. Not a bad feat for a debut album.

Lead track from the album, ‘No Trial in the Dark’, is heartfelt and the booming drums pull you in as the chorus bellows. Lead singer Eetu Henrik Iivari’s voice is intense and radiates with each note.
‘Twilight Of The Idiots’, like the lead track opens up a window to the bands’ soul and left me wanting to know more about the quintet. ‘The Rocket Song,’ and ‘I Don’t Know’ gave us a faster beat and the guitars added to the magic. ‘Love Is Just a Word We Use,’ was my overall favourite and reminded me of Coldplay in the early days.

Frontman Eetu Henrik Iivari, has this to say about their latest addition “Mono Freedom is a utopian themed album. A fictional story about Mother Nature taking over the earth and how the last humans pack their stuff, build a rocket and head over to the nearest black hole. They know that there is probably nothing out there, but it’s one of humanity's last ideas. All this is seen as a positive, not as a dark dystopian vision, as is usually the case.”

The album is lyrical and evocative and demonstrated the bands ambitious nature. The wall of guitars and pounding drums, coupled with haunting lyrics made for an honest and thought-provoking album.