There are a great number of ‘Ladies of the Blues’ around at the moment – the likes of Beth Hart, Elles Bailey, Sari Beth Schorr, Malaya Blue have all been on my decks of late – and Kat Riggins seems to be an excellent addition to their ranks.

She has a tough voice, loaded with passion and character.
Not a ‘pure’ voice by any means, she really belts out her songs and suits the rockier side of the Blues perfectly.

This is her first album on Gulf Coast (she was an independent before) and the new label has given her access to a higher standard pf musicians and studio than she could have afforded before and the result is definitely more professional while she doesn’t seem to have lost any of her punchiness in the transition. I’d previously enjoyed ‘In The Boys Club’ but this definitely has more impact.

If you are into Blues/Rock with a ballsy female vocal then tracks like ‘Wicked Tongue’ or ‘Son Of A Gun’ definitely have some serious ‘oomph’ to them and the title track is as good a song of angst as I’ve heard in a while.
The backing musicians give her a great platform to lay down a fine album and she responds pretty well. One that is definitely worth checking out.