Two Weeks In Nashville tell us about your new single ‘All About Now’

'All About Now’ is about when people come together and live in the moment. This was the first song and starting point for the album. It was only after recording it on our first trip to Nashville that we thought we had found a sound and direction. We wanted to write something that channelled and spreads the positivity, energy and love that we got from Nashville and the people we met there. It’s all about us, it’s all about love, it’s all about now.

You credit Nashville with helping you find your sound - tell us more.

If you haven’t been to Nashville, we couldn’t recommend it more! We were lucky enough to go there, for two weeks of course, and there’s a reason why it’s known as Music City, on the main strip, Broadway, it’s literally live music 24/7! It was just such a change of scene and really opened our eyes, everyone was so positive, full of energy and welcoming. It really changed our approach to writing and shaped the positive messages we want to spread, we met and worked with some amazing people and recorded the first record there, so it really is part of our sound!

Who are your biggest music inspirations?

We are into different artists and genres, but when we think about our influences for me it was hearing Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl in 2003. That made me want to play rock n roll! For all of us though it was just hearing 60s/70s bands around the house when we were growing up. When it comes to the band though it’s the same music that inspired us to write and play live; The Stones, The Who, The Beatles and Free! We also love U2 and Coldplay it’s just the rawness, energy and positivity they bring in their music and live shows!

Talk Music News readers through the writing process, how do you guys work as a band when you’re in the studio?

Always the same- we gather 8 snails, assign a different chord to each of them- then race them. The first 4 across the lines are then used in the order they arrived. ...No joking aside, it’s very mixed, we’re always writing together and individually. A song could come from anywhere, for us it’s usually an experience us or someone close has had. We’ll all bring in our own ideas and it really becomes a TWIN track when we all put our own stamp on it. In the studio has been great fun and an amazing experience for us as well. Being in Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville really added to the pressure and excitement of recording. Brian Harris our producer was very clear in the studio with the 60s/70s sound we were trying to capture. He’s a pretty tough guy to impress, we’d have morning briefing’s where he’d tell us stories of what life as like in the 60s and how he’d worked with the legends that we look up to; then send us into the live to track each song live! He made a point of leaving our mistakes in, his favourite phrase was “it’s got character” during the whole process! That’s essentially how we’ve recorded our material to date.

Earlier this year you had several sell out live shows - are you missing touring due to the pandemic?

Yes we can’t believe the support we had on our first few shows! We can’t thank everyone enough that travelled and got tickets to the shows. We are definitely missing touring, we actually had our first support tour around Europe booked with a band called Bang Bang Romeo, but was unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic, so was a big blow to miss out on meeting some new people in Europe! We’ve being performing online due to lockdown and trying to link up with various venues in France and Hamburg TV in Germany to try and play to new people, but it doesn’t going out and travelling and meeting new faces in new places.

How did you guys form the band?

Ian and I actually met a few years ago whilst studying music at ACM, then I met Jonny through a producer. We were all in different bands at the time, but I wanted to start a group with likeminded guys with the same passion for music. So us three started jamming and it just clicked, we were all into the same music and 60s/70s rock was what came out! It wasn’t until late last year that we found Marc whilst looking for a guitarist online. He had only just moved to the UK from France with the aim to join a band or be a chef. After one rehearsal and a Michelin star meal we knew he was the final piece in the puzzle! We are lucky enough to now be living together, which meant we could continue making content and keep busy during lockdown. Luckily we all get on well too!

What can we expect from Two Weeks In Nashville for the rest of 2020?

You can expect much more music, we have our debut album ‘Paper Planes and Razor Blades’ that’s due to come out towards the end of the year. We’re working on more music videos from home with Jonny doing the editing and seeing as there’s no touring for the foreseeable future we’re planning to continue our TWIN Live 20 shows! We’re hoping to do one a month and have a different support band that we request for on our socials for each show to help out other bands that can’t play shows during this strange time. We don’t think it’ll be until next year that we can get playing proper live shows again unfortunately!