A stone beautiful Blues ballad. A love song to a lost love that draws deep into the soul of the artist and the listener alike.

Very much in the style of classic Blues masters such as Peter Green or Gilmore and with emotionally wrenching guitar from Simon Campbell as well as a fine bass line from Suzy Starlite-Campbell.
The band never fail to impress with the quality of their playing and writing but also the way that they contain themselves, avoiding the usual excesses of a balladic Blues and avoiding huge solos and overplayed vocals.

It is probably the most emotional song I’ve heard this year and is a standout number from their second album ‘The Language Of Curiosity’ (available from early October) and shows a totally different side to their last single ‘Stone Cold Crazy’.

The single will be available direct from the band when you pre-order the new album The Language of Curiosity.
The release to download and streaming sites - Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon etc - is on July 10.