A live album released during the pandemic lockdown ought to consist of recordings made before the lockdown started but Jack J Hutchinson and his merry mates decided that since the lockdown cut their tour very short that they would record their set live from the three musicians home bases so that people who didn’t get the opportunity could enjoy the experience that they would have had. I was one of the lucky ones to see them at the excellent Echo Hotel Club in Hook just before lockdown and they were superb.
I was very definitely looking forward to hearing this and they really don’t disappoint.

Hutchinson comments: "This is essentially the setlist that audiences would have seen us play live over the summer festival season. Unfortunately touring has been suspended for the foreseeable future, but it doesn't mean the music has to stop. We've put together a high octane set of our most adrenaline-fuelled material. It is meant to be played loud and proud...let's just say it might be time to inform your neighbours that 17 July is gonna get a bit heavier!"

The tracks cover both of Hutchinson’s solo albums as well as one from his side project RHR ‘Mahogany Drift’ and a stunning version of Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ and there is the same intensity in this recodfing as I saw and heard back in February. Hutchinson is a fine guitar player and he is really well matched by bandmates Lazarus Michaelides (bass); Felipe Amorim (drums) who really drive the music at a rapid pace. Laz bass lines are insistent and melodic while Amorim’s drums are really powerful and expressive.

There are four or five tracks that deserve regular listening including an awesome version of ‘Kiss Your Ass Goodbye’, full of subtleties and changes.
A dark and intense version of ‘Autumn Leaves’ proves that Hutchinson can do darker material, the track positively growls out at the listener and Jack’s vocals are really emotive and tuneful.
I love the straight ahead rock of ‘Rapture’, fast paced and chugging like a loco on the downhill stretch.
‘Haunted Bones’ is hard and fast, the closest thing here to metal and really made a great live number.
Which brings you to ‘War Pigs’ and Hutchinson really laying down his densest guitar riffery and a solid vocal.

Jack J Hutchinson Band should have been playing a bunch of festivals this year as well as their tour but instead of licking their wounds they have put out a superb rendition of their live set – it’s the nearest thing to being there and a brilliant representation of them as a band.

The album will be available on 180g purple vinyl, CD and digital formats exclusively via Psychedelic String Records on the band's new Patreon page and Official Store.