Verity White is a band and a singer and this is the first release since the magnificent ‘Reclaim: Set Fire’ album. And very good it is too.

Ms White has a throaty and passionate, almost pleading, voice, clearly properly trained and perfectly suited to the threatening and dense music that the band produces. There are a lot of singers who feel that passion is created by either screaming incoherently or by mumbling the lyrics but Verity White is neither of these and the four songs here are enhanced by the vocals actually being heard AND making some kind of sense.

As to Verity White the band, husband Alex is an excellent guitarist and his mark on the standout track ‘The One You Left Behind’ creates an inconsolable howl of anguished playing. The rhythm section is massive and powerful and leave a wall of sound standing behind Verity & Alex but projecting them clearly out of the soundstage.

There are 4 tracks on the EP and none of them are weak but ‘Alibi’ and ‘The One You Left Behind’ are absolutely superb.

Verity White are very much a band on the rise and this EP shows they are developing quickly. Damn fine!