This is a real blast and it feels as though it’s a song I’ve been hearing for years.

Starlite Campbell were previously based in the Isle Of Man but moved to Germany a couple of years ago and this is the first thing I’ve heard released sonce. They debuted the song at the show at the Half Moon Putney last year and I remember thinking that it would make a helluva single –
itt did and now it is, and well worth getting your ears around.

The band were featured recently in the New Wave of Classic Rock Webfest (UK) and have performed live stream sessions as part of The Lockdown Music Festival (The Great British Rhythm and Blues festival, UK), Rock The Lockdown (Spain) which has over three quarters of a million members and most recently the 'Isolation Festival' UK.

If you take classic Free and mix with early Doobie Brothers you’ll get this kind of easy rolling boogie. Simon Campbell’s guitar solo is superb and Suzy Starlite’s bass lines are fluid and funky.

This is one that Planet Rock should be all over, a terrific slice of classic rock