Mary Eckert impresses with her sophomoric single ‘IFAH’.

Despite being only the artists second release, Eckert appears to be a prolific writer. Press notes for the release reveal that the 19-year-old “At one point, "was writing a song a day”.
‘IFAH’ presumably a fruit of the intensive labour proves that the songwriter is not just prolific, but an exciting new talent on the music scene.

The track tells of a failing one-sided relationship. The storyteller does her best to keep her partner interested, but only receives short shrift from her neglectful man. What’s worse is that our initially infatuated protagonist clings to every half hearted act of intimacy she can get, whether that be a peck on the neck or touch of the leg.

The song chronicles the journey from lovestruck to fiery freedom.

Never have the mundane activities like making breakfast been sung of so sweetly. Not only does the artist’s strong vocal performance proved to be a melodic treat on the ear, but it also serves to convey the emotional ache of the song.

During the five minutes offering the acoustic backing is kept pleasingly straightforward, with the piano gently serenading the lyrics. After a musical break ,the tune returns to its storyteller who abruptly and bluntly cuts herself free from her ungrateful lover.

Overall, IFAH’ is a really enjoyable offering. The vocals proved to be a highlight.