Disq. 'Collector'. That's quite a sense of humour you have there, guys! And cheers for getting us all reminiscing about the times when being a music lover involved having to make space for ever-increasing quantities of CDs and/or vinyl.

Thankfully, this young Wisconsin quintet do a far better job of writing memorable songs than they do of crafting comic wordplay. Much of 'Collector' takes its cues from 90s 'alt-rock'; with echoes of Weezer, The Lemonheads, and - occasionally - the more melodic side of Nirvana. Certainly, you could imagine Rivers Cuomo feeling a touch of envy upon hearing the likes of 'Konichiwa Internet' and 'D19' - the latter a gloriously tuneful, sing-along ode to a classic microphone, of all things.

That said, this is no mere tribute to the greats of days gone by. 'Fun Song 4' shows off the band's more experimental side, with bizarre effects and video-game samples weaved around a simple guitar and drum loop. Later, on brooding penultimate track 'I Wanna Die', they bare their teeth; unleashing a raw, squalling, almost Sabbath-esque riff as clouds draw in over any preconceived ideas of the band as just another bunch of cheery Midwest troubadours.

It's rare that a band breathes new life into old sounds as well as Disq do here, and they're blessed with the kind of charm and melodic nous that mark them out as ones to watch (this is, after all, their debut album). Now go put on your favourite old t-shirt and faded jeans, and then play this loud.