One of the best shows I went to last year was the middle one of the three shows that are recorded here. Ben Poole, Wayne Proctor (drums) and Sal Amadeo (bass) onstage together at the Half Moon Putney and laying down some stunning modern Blues/rock.

The album is now coming out, featuring tracks from all three shows, and it immediately takes me back to that magical night in Putney.

Ben is one of a number of top class Blues guitarists that have emerged in the last few years and he has developed a strong stage presence to go with some serious skills on the guitar, his vocals have grown in strength and power over the last couple of years and he has really become a strong package.

There are some terrific tracks all over the album with the band and the audience having a great time together. The support of Proctor and Amadeo really bringing out the best in Poole’s playing – they have been working together ever since being part of Ian Parker’s band many years back and form a really tight rhythm section and Poole benefits, being able to focus on his playing and knowing that the guys behind him can keep up.

He wrote much of the material on the album but his treatment of other writers material is just as good, Jude Anthony Cole’s ‘Start The Car’ takes on a strong and funky feel with a great riff for example.

One of the things I really like about Ben Poole and as exemplified here is that he doesn’t stick to a formula. His music ranges from the intense and emotional solo on ‘Have You Ever Loved A Woman’ to the soulful and subtly sweet ‘The Question Why’ or the powerful ‘Lying To Me’, he takes on a different persona almost and unlike most Guitarists-who-sing he really does have a strong vocal presence with a wide range of styles at his disposal.

The album was mixed and mastered by Wayne Proctor, following on from his playing and the collaboration on Poole’s last album ‘Anytime You Need Me’ and the sound is really clean and punchy.

More than a memory of a great gig, this really shows Ben Poole as a serious artist and the album is listenable and enjoyable.