Troy Redfern, Jack Hutchinson and Mike Ross are three exceptional guitarists and this is the second album that they have recorded together under the soubriquet of RHR.
Ulysses Browning (bass) and Darren Lee (drums) are the rhythm section but this is most definitely the three guitarists album.

Now, putting three exemplary lead guitarists in a band together could result in an almighty clash of egos but such is the chemistry between them here, the music they create is absolutely magnificent.

The album starts with a 21 minute extended jam session and you can clearly hear the three different styles at play. Each of them is identifiable, three strands intertwining, sometimes floating around each other and then returning to a central groove before taking off again. The work of Lee and Browning is essential in keeping the three on track but they do a fine job of holding the track together rather than flying off in the general melee. I am minded of the Grateful Dead in their most productive era, this is wonderful, psychedelic rock music at its best.

They head from the trippery of ‘El Sueno Del Aguila’ into a belting little riff-laden rocker – ‘Pintura De Luna’ – and from there they show how flexible and fluid they are.
Whether it is the groove of ‘Tres Hermanos’ or fuzzed atmosphere of the title track, the three guitarists show their capabilities and just how in sync they are throughout.
While moments might remind you of mid-period Pink Floyd or late Eagles they are always original and create something very special together.

Quite my favourite album of the year so far, at times mesmerising, at others simply powerful but never less than completely involving. Brilliant.