Having arisen out of the ashes of Venture Lows, East London's On Video have been making a name for themselves during the course of 2019 with a string of upbeat garage indie belters which are awash with great hooks, fuzzy guitars and knee jerk energy. You never quite know how a Monday night gig is going to pan out but I had high hopes for this one.

'Folly Group' were already on stage when I arrived, performing a funky, post-punk number. With no material yet online, I had no idea of what to expect . They're an ecletic bunch and even if I knew their set, I wouldn't have envisaged a drummer singer-led four piece with the front man's usual spot taken up by another percussionist beating away at an electronic drum. Their sound was experimental, certainly different and impossible to pigeon hole although one of the tracks reminded me of 'Sax and Violins' by Talking Heads. They delivered a bit of a laborious set which was neatly finished off with another funky number and overall the set was well appreciated by the crowd.

The spotlight is then left for On Video, who fittingly mark the milestone of their first headline London gig with an atmospheric entrance and waste no time getting to work with a rock 'n' roll opener.

We're then treated to one of this year's impressive releases, 'Clap Trap'. The overpowering bass gives a polished sound, drowning out the raw guitars that stand out in the studio release. Not that it affects the crowd who have turned out in force to boogie the night away as if it were a weekend.

The energy levels soar for the fantastic 'Past Tense', an absolute banger with its sequencing of spiky guitars followed by it's full-on, fuzzy rhythmic chorus. We're also treated to second single, Adversary before an emotional message from front-man Hassan is followed by a speeded up version of Macca's 'Temporary Secretary', with a soaring combination of synths and crisp, garage guitars.

The night comes to a close with 'Stuntman' with the crowd in full swing and to roars of approval.

The surpressed guitars meant that this was not quite the statement of intent that I was hoping for but a fine gig nonetheless and this is only just the beginning for On Video. They've got great chemistry, great tunes and they're one of the most promising acts around. Definitely ones to watch in 2020!