Cazimi are a 4 piece indie rock band - OI WAKE UP! They are a hell of a lot better than the majority of bands who might fall under that banner.

They have influences from all over shining through in their music – bands like Magazine, XTC, Echo & The Bunnymen, even Hawkwind – and they have put together a cracking selection of songs that mix those influences into a highly original and very listenable mix.

Ian Hedley plays guitar and bass and delivers lead vocals with a strong regional accent (based in Sunderland) and hint of serious attitude. He is joined by Jim McCulloch on guitar and backing vocals, Steve Liddle on drums and Rich Britton on bass.
When I saw the blurb about the band, I was a little sceptical, but they really made me listen with fresh ears, there is an awful lot in their music that is powerful and fresh while not trying too hard.

Liddle & Britton lay down a furious beat when needed but are able to support Hedley on his more subtle numbers and I particularly enjoyed the way that the band introduced many different flavours in their music – opening number ‘Light Entertainment’ has a very New York feel to it while ‘Ghost In The Machine’ brings in a very Hawkwind meets Steve Hackett vibe which, frankly, I could listen to all day.

My particular favourite track is probably ‘Fall Silent’ which takes me back to the best of the post-punk days while sounding very ‘now’ – I think it would make great rock radio material but they have also been picked up by Tom Robinson for 6 Music so definitely works for the contemporary audience as well.

The whole album is filled with fine songwriting and playing and it is one that grows on you – it needs to be played loud.