Having first seen them rock out their indie anthems at The Black Heart as part of Camden Rocks 2016, a second MOSES gig was now well overdue. Very much the newcomers back then, I've always kept tabs on the band albeit at a distance, and on hearing new release 'You Need L', I was buzzing at the chance to check them out again.

There's few better gig venues than The Water Rats, it recently underwent a complete refurbishment, including a new state of the art sound system. But if your guitarist and bassist get stuck on the train down from Bristol, even amazing acoustics can't save your set..... so full respect to the remaining two members of support act, 'Family Jools' for carrying on regardless and taking to the stage as a drum/keyboard duo.

The energy levels soar as Moses step forward and a huge roar greets the entrance of lead vocalist, Victor who unleashes his unique high-pitched vocals and infectuous energy. The high tempo, anthemic, big choruses of 'Leave Leave Leave' and 'King Size' get the crowd jumping, although no one can quite match the dynamism of the front man.

The crowd lap it up and it's clear there's more to Moses nowadays compared to when I saw them first time around. The four singles released this year are the best proof of that, still insanely catchy and uplifting tunes, but far more measured, contemplative and deeper than the indie bangers which they're best known for.

The finale is a succession of feel good crackers, the highlight for me being 'Cause You Got Me', well worth it's 5 million hits on spotify!, but 'River Thames' is the clear crowd favourite. The whole set is a joyous occasion, the only blemish being the announcement that tonight's the last gig for the impressive lead guitarist who's off to work on his own project.

Good luck to him and onwards and upwards for Moses. Great to see they've lost none of the passion and energy that wooed me first time around. It was a real pleasure to see them at the legendary Water Rats, but if there's any justice they'll be playing far bigger venues this time next year!