Frazey Ford returns after five years with a song in her heart and a protest placard in hand courtesy of new single ‘The Kids Are Having None Of It’

From Extinction Rebellion to the numerous brexit protests, there is a rising tide of feeling towards changing the way in which we live our lives. For many, stale authority figures prevaricate and procrastinate for political gain, rather than taking proactive action to change life for the better.

It’s in this climate that Ford returns to the studio after half a decade’s hiatus.

Formerly of The Be Good Tanyas, Ford’s previous solo album Indian Ocean made the top 20 on Billboard’s American/Folk chart.

UK readers might also remember her 2015 performance on the BBC’s Late-Night with Jools Holland.

‘The Kids Are Having None Of It’ makes it clear that not only does its artist disapprove of how things are, but she is also keen to bask in the winds of change.

Seeming to strive for Dylan vibes once or twice, the Canadian sings:

“Get out of the way you’ve had your day and it’s no longer how we gon’ play”.

The song takes pride in leaning into its message of young activism. The slow blues number is keen to stress that the next generation grows in patient with elders who won’t adapt or step aside.

The message is a simple one. Enough is enough. The tune is more about putting the powers that be on notice than advancing a specific idea.

The song adds to a welcome conversation about and awareness of issues that challenge our lives. From Taylor Swift to Frank Turner, it feels as if the music scene is witnessing the prominent resurgence of the socially conscious approach.

Whatever side one sits on a particular issue, having an artist poor a passionate point of view into their work must surely be a good thing both for the creative process and the wider societal debate.

Although, Ford’s point is well taken, her unusual vocal style slightly undermines it. The song certainly showcases her vocal talents, but her trembling voice makes it difficult to hear the lyrics.