On this 4 track EP ‘Kil Scott’ transnational quintet (Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand emigres all residing in Berlin) People Club deliver a concept suite pertaining to a fictional character called ‘Scott’ who embodies ‘toxic masculinity’; also tackling the thorny issues of sexism, racism, homophobia and also articulate the inner dialogue of a gold-digging wannabe widow, watching and waiting for her cash cow to expire. Not your standard pop song material.

Sonically channelling the pop-sheen of the 1980s, it takes in Prince-like funktronica on ‘Who I Call My Baby’, and you can smell the scent of assent on ‘Perfume’ – a nu-soul radio friendly unit shifter.

‘Kil Scott’ is the mind-mullings of the aforementioned praying mantis, with Sarah Martin’s warbling vocals supplemented by Smithsian melancholy strummage. A cautious tale of the effects of being ‘wrapped around your little finger’.

‘Playaz’ is a snazzy jazzy number about those jack-the-ladz, the smalltown Lotharios (with their brains between their legs) who make then break hearts, always swerving their just desserts: ‘it’s such a tragedy to make a fool of me’ implores Martin in a free-flowing free-form fashion.