Irish band Toucan return with the soulful funk of So Easy to Love You.

Following the debut of their eponymous effort, the 10-piece band are back with an energized mixture, of soul, funk, and pop. The three-track offering is a fun and at its best captivating listen.

Acting as the opener, ‘Another Lover’ is the reason why the record is so memorable.

The song describes a disgruntled lover who with blunt succinctness tells their unfaithful partner to “find yourself another lover and don't tell me who."

Verses are short and straightforward, relying on the central hook to pull the song through. The composition ensures that the track is an absolute earworm of an offering.

A synthesized guitar riff gloriously powers through the song’s main chorus. The intense dance-ability of the ditty is increased by the strong vocal performance of the band.

Lead and backing vocals mesh well to not only serve as a vehicle for the lyrics, but almost as another instrument added into the mix.

The song has undeniable pop appeal and is sure to leave the listener with a smile on their face.

The group also put their large number to good use on the middle ditty ‘Honey’. With the saxophones launching the track, the song has a big feel right from the off. The large vibrant sound pulls the listener in.

As lead vocalist Conor Clancy sings “honeybees are bringing into our home such sweet Carmel honey”, his warm smooth voice takes on a tone to match the sentiment.

‘Warm Morning Light’ serves as the record’s slow down tune after the previous exertions. Things start as a languid love song, before building to a melodic crescendo.

The EP offers the listener one last spring in their step before bringing proceedings to an end.
Overall, Toucan’s three pack project is a short but rewarding experience.