Multi-talented musician, singer-songwriter Fox Stevenson has just released his debut album ‘Killjoy’. The Yorkshire based artist has created a unique offering with his new single, “Headlights”. “Highlights” is warm, euphoric and blends vocals and synth with a touch of modern electronic beats. To me, this song has the best vocals and tempo in the entire album.

"I have fans that really love me for just one dance genre, but the tempo can say so much about a song. Tempo can rub people off in the wrong way in dance music. If it’s different to the last song, some people aren't into it. I always strive to be open about liking and producing music at different genres and I hope my fan base is into that,” says Stevenson.

“Killjoy” demonstrates Stevenson’s evolution as an artist and his ability to challenge himself. The producer turned musician has had stable success for the past decade and his latest release sees him combine efforts with Dan Sawyer on the drums and Bruce Charles (Bustre) on guitar. “Out of My Head,” talks about being motivated and the beat is catchy throughout. “Killjoy,” the title song of the album, is different from Stevenson’s usual style. It’s a much slower pace but shows off Stevenson’s range as a performer. “Broken Man,” raises the tempo with its catchy lyrics and beat as does “Dreamland”. “Cavalier” is heavier and again shows Steven’s range and ability to go from one genre to another. “California” is more along the lines of pop with its airy lyrics and “Go Like” is in the realm of “Cavalier” as its heavy throughout. The melody in “Go Like” is catchy but the lyrics are a little light in this one. “Use Me,” is enjoyable and the drums are phenomenal. “Hold Steady” is quite lyrical and “Perfect Lie” has beautiful lyrics that open a window into Stevenson’s soul. Catching a glimpse of the inner workings of an artist always fascinates me and intrigues me to know more about the performer.

Stevenson could very well be described as a niche artist who evolves with the times. His fusion of several genres including pop, dance, punk and electro make him interesting and open him up to a wider audience. “Killjoy,” demonstrates Stevenson’s abilty to morph as an artist and his honesty in his lyrics makes for an enjoyable album.