If you're an experienced gig goer the high pitch whistle that follows a stunning night of music will probably be a familiar sound. Years ago it could be laughed off as the residual effect of a rip-roaring night out but these days we know that these warning signs are to be discounted at your peril.

Tinnitus is something I've been living with for many years now. Hearing protection was something I understood too late to impact the damage already caused to my hearing although now I strive to make sure the damage is not compounded.

If this is something you recognise then this article may just save you many years of the unwanted whistling which is entirely avoidable and with the right protection your musical nights out can even be improved whilst safeguarding one of your most valuable senses.

Get Yourself Protected

ACS provide soft silicone earplugs that are custom made to fit your ears perfectly, combining a comfortable fit with a perfect seal to prevent sound leakage.

Their PRO sound attenuating filters reduce sound to safe levels rather than just blocking it out, with seven different filters available to provide you with the most appropriate level of noise reduction.

The earplugs are comfortable and portable. I've found a steel keychain pill holder is the perfect carrying container which is always with you.

Work out your safe exposure times here.

ACS PRO Series Custom Earplugs

The PRO Earplugs come in various filters, with the Pro-17 considered to be the best all-round for any musical connoisseur, allowing the user to enjoy a 17 decibel drop with no discernible change to the sound itself. This is because the Pro-17 has the flattest response range in the Pro Series as demonstrated below.

I don't want to get too entrenched in the more technical aspects of sound attenuation and acoustics, mainly as it's still quite confusing to me, but having tested the Pro-17's I can guarantee this flat line response provides the desired drop in volume at no cost to the sound quality. In fact I've noticed in certain venues when distortion occurs at the upper end the Pro-17's work to perfectly realign the sound. So whether you are using them in a professional capacity or like me an avid live music fan, they would be my choice for quality and sound but do explore the full musical range below.

Made from medical grade silicone, the PRO Earplugs require impressions of your ears to custom make them for a perfect fit. It is a very quick and easy process which ensures a perfect fit. The ear impression service is available throughout the UK and is provided free of charge when you purchase a custom-made product direct from ACS.

What cost would you put on your hearing

From £139 it is an entirely affordable hearing protection guarantee but should you want to consider your purchase then waste no time in purchasing the ACS standard universal moulding at only £10.

The ACS Universal earplug range combines high quality with convenience. These off-the-shelf products can be used straight from the pack, with filters manufactured to the same quality standards as the custom range so you can be sure you are still getting a high fidelity hearing protector.

Dont let tinnitus become part of your daily life, book a free consultation and secure the best chance for lifelong musical enjoyment with ACS.