Amidst the explosion in popularity of K-Pop, it's worth finding room in your heart (and in your music library) for the less hi-octane South Korean musical experience that is Say Sue Me. A quartet from the southern city of Busan with a love of 90s alt-rock (Pavement, Radiohead, etc.) and a sense of humour underneath that winsome exterior (their debut album is titled 'We've Sobered Up'), tonight they've managed to sell out the Lexington for the second time. Oh, and they're armed with last year's second album 'Where We Were Together', which is highly recommended.

Support comes from their Chinese friends Hiperson - well, two of them. The set consists of four songs, with vocalist Sijiang reading poetry before guitarist Yinan accompanies here with the kind of mournful, echoing sound reminiscent of The XX's early days. Unorthodox, sure, but the effect is hypnotic, with not so much as a whisper among the audience

Say Sue Me seem to take a while to really become comfortable in front of their own crowd, with singer/guitarist Su Mi only occasionally mumbling a few words of thanks between songs. Odd, as the musical chemistry between them is plain to see, and although they're a few songs short of a genuinely great set, there are still plenty of highlights among what they've already got. 'Old Town' is surely a modern indie anthem-in-waiting, and the band are clearly pleased by the cheers that greet forthcoming single 'Your Book', which has only just seen the light of day. Already capable of selling out small venues like these, it's tempting to wonder what could lie ahead for the band, and should they adopt the UK as their home from home, that's more than fine by us.