I do not normally reach for the volume control when I cue up a disc for the 1st time – certainly not to turn the volume UP but this hit a particular chord with me as a lover of late sixties and early seventies Progressive Rock.

That swelling Hammond through a Lesley speaker with full reverb – absolutely wonderful, very Quatermass, very Atomic Rooster, and with the feel of a classic Pete Brown/Jack Bruce number.

What is really surprising, at least to me, is that the album didn’t then go rapidly downhill.
The writing, the playing and the quality seemed to stay at a very high standard from ‘Intro’, through ‘This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and on to ‘Make It Mine’.

The music doesn’t stay as just a retro Progessive sound – the title track is melodic, hard rocking but with a keening sense of positivity and ‘Darkness Calling’ goes from massive electronic-riffery into a pleading ballad that shows off Marcel Kunkel’s vocals perfectly.
‘Your Symphony’, piano led ballad building to a massive crescendo is a stunning track.

The rest of the band aren’t slouches either - Andrew Cross and Lachlan Golder laid down superb guitar work all through the album ,Claudia |McKenzie is very impressive on bass and Tom Winch’s drumming is subtle and powerful in turns.

I’d say that there isn’t a wasted moment on the album. Every track has its own qualities and there isn’t a trace of filler
I spent a delightful 36 minutes running through the album and promptly cued it up again to get the full experience again.

The Progressive elements drew me in but it was the quality of the rest that kept me listening. Classic Rock at its best.
I must see this band live.