On July 25th sibling duo The Luck took to the stage at Thousand Island for an intimate preview of their breakout album ‘Ready to Run’ which was scheduled for release the very next day. Giving their audience the first taste of what this album has to offer, Max and Esmay gave a performance of soaring vocal highs and demure and emotional moments of musical calm.

Kicking off with ‘True North’, a single from one of their previous albums, the song quickly illustrated the vocal power of this pair. The track tackles the ideas of overcoming our own feelings of inadequacy and encourages us all to be brave in the face of adversity and uncertainty. The pairs harmonic connection helped create a vibe of serenity and their emotive stage presence hammered home the poignancy of the lyrics.

The highlights of the performance, however, were the songs taken from their new album ‘Ready to Run’. The powerfully inspirational title track that emboldens us to chase whatever it is our heart desires, the empowering Lionheart (that urges us to confront and overcome our personal demons), and ‘Rise and Shine’ all illustrated Max and Esmay Luck’s ability to write energizing and refreshing lyrics and uplifting melodies. The Luck also showed their sensitive side with an emotional rendition of ‘If This is Love’ and an unplugged version of ‘Muscles and Bones’.

The evening as a whole showed just how versatile The Luck are. Their ability to traverse tricky subject matter sensitively, coupled with their capability for writing motivating and relatable lyrics makes it clear that this Country / Americana outfit truly are ones to watch. Head to their website for information on any of their upcoming live dates and stream their new album ‘Ready to Run’ on all major streaming platforms now.