Apollo Junction craft anthemic fun on latest single ‘Begin’.

Eagle eared followers of the band from Leeds will doubtless recognize that ‘Begin’ is not so much a new offering as a well refined rerelease. The catchy synth track originally found life all the way back in 2012.

Despite still having to work their way towards the national consciousness, the band is no stranger to mainstream air play, having rocked the Isle of Wight Festival and been showcased on Radio 2.

Even in its original format ‘Begin’ held promise. The perky keyboard work and guitar proved to be a magnet to the listener’s ear. And while it might not be the best around, the offering came complete with a passible chorus.

The latest iteration builds on solid foundations, with tweaks refinements, and subtle improvements.

The original composition has been left almost entirely unchanged. Yes, the original drums have been softened into the mix, and time between verses may have been shortened, but the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it applies here. It might not sound like a lot, but these small changes make this pop rock ditty even more sonically satisfying than it was before.
The tracks most outstanding addition is a new motivational verse that just begs to be sung out in a big arena. The band sing:

“sing me a song a modern day hymn, sing it now I’m listening, make me believe we’re not just born to leave..”

It’s a line manufactured for patrons of pop and it hits the mark spot on. It leads into a functional chorus that is unfortunately the weakest part of this floor filler.

Nevertheless, the time taken to improve the track has been time well spent.