A terrific single from the opening guitar solo and through Wily Bo Walkers growled vocals it is a great listen.

Wily Bo Walker is a British master of the Blues and every time he releases another single you can be sure of modern Blues music of the best calibre.

Featuring E.D. Brayshaw on guitar and Wily Bo himself on vocals (written by Stone McEwan) his growling vocals sync perfectly with Brayshaw’s guitar. Solid rhythm section from Clarky on bass and ‘bull fiddle’ and Ant on drums and cahon holds the whole thing solidly in the groove.
And groove is about the right word for it – the whole band playing perfectly with each other and really delivering a passionate and dark Blues.

Whether he is in Wily Bo Walker Band mode or the Rattling Bones or any of a dozen other guises the end result is some great music and this is one of his best.