Completely indefinable but utterly captivating. This album has charms and musical strengths as well as some strident and powerful themes.

Ms Rocio is Chilean originally, now living in Switzerland and brings music that touches on jazz, indie, torch music and even Americana. As a singer/songwriter she talks about her life experiences seemingly unafraid of opening her inner demons up to the air and exposing her fears and triumphs.

The musical side of the album is beautifully played, piano especially to the fore, the musicians were allowed freedom to define their role in each song so that it creates a feeling of almost jamming on the themes but it is her vocals and lyrics that should grab the ear and the freeform musical accompaniment allows her the freedom to fully express the songs.
First single ‘Kill The Monsters’ sits in indie territory veering between triumphalism and abject terror while ‘Elisabeth’ takes the listener into an incredibly evocative conversation, partly whispered and dripping with all the emotional depth of a woman desperately seeking answers and love.

‘Amy Jade’ brings to mind Melody Gardot while ‘The Right Soil’ starts dense and mysterious, expanding into a chilling piece that just builds tension on itself.

Every song has a unique character, makes another statement and delivers more flakes of Linah’s soul making the album one of the most exciting and intriguing around at the moment.