The sound of heartache in the American heartland, coming from a Danish voice from “The Happiest City in the World”.

If you were to skip the bio and the telltale moniker, and just press play you would probably guess that manly-sentimentalist songwriter Danophone grew up in a small farm town somewhere between Bruce Springsteen's New Jersey and John Mellencamp's Indiana. The music feels like truck tires kickin' up dust on a dirt road, dry growing seasons leading to sparse harvests and that woman that drives you crazy but always keeps you coming back home. In fact, Danophone is the creation of Danish science journalist turned songwriter Carsten Nielsen. The artist insists that within the walls of the city of joy, there are many stories of hard times and sorrow to be told as well. His debut album Rerun takes a page right out of '70s Americana. Whether it's the wholesome acoustic guitar, the earnest, insistent snare drum, the gravelly but smooth voice or the Clarence Clemons style sax solo, Nielsen is devoted to that honest midwest sound.

The album begins on a soft note. Warm arpeggiated guitar throughout. Second track 'Meet in the Middle' is a stark contemplation of peace talks. An effective ebow solo gives the vibe of a melancholic violin echoing the song's tragic assessment and hopeful resolve. The pace kicks up with 'Copenhagen Club' where all the Springsteen devices are pulled out, including the aforementioned sax solo. Fans of the Boss won't be offended by the tribute but revel in the homage. The title track dials in a more modern sound with a choppier contemporary beat and John Mayer style soft rock vocals.

Rerun is a loving tribute to the progenitors of its genre. Nielsen's delivery is warm and smooth. Another record proving that the old stereotype of regional styles is completely shattered in this new global century.