As the four piece take to the stage at 9:45pm the scene was set. A busy crowd with drinks in hands and evidently, their voices at the ready.

It's difficult not to make comparisons with the up and coming and current mainstream artists, however this is testament to their unique sound. Mixing the talented cellist with their semi acoustic feel. Finished with well thought lyrics and soft harmonies.

Their 2014 track 'Imperfections' opens the set and there is an immediate connection. 'Our imperfections define us' Chris Barnard sings. In contrast, on the night any imperfections were absent.

Followed by 'Let Me Know' from last years 'All at Once' EP it's already clear that the group have attracted a loyal fan base over a short period as its sung back word for word, albeit a little off key.

Throughout April the band hit the road to coincide with their new EP release 'Better Days'. With two nights in London and a set in Guildford in between, they then take their music further afield to the likes of Manchester and Leeds. The penultimate show being in Liverpool and then finishing in Banbury.

Lead singer Chris Barnard looked at home on stage and interacted with the crowd with ease. He thanks everyone for making it to the show in a conversational manner. Two new tracks are then introduced which are yet to be heard; 'Kingdom Come' and 'One Day'

The first like all of their tracks, had an instant melodic, well structured sound; Something which many bands these days seem to forsake. 'One Day' then slows the pace down. Generally speaking, the band produce upbeat tunes but the tempo drops here, showcasing their variation. In addition, the semi acoustic is changed for an electric sound.

The chemistry at Boston Music Rooms was growing which seemed fitting as the cellist riff for 'Chemistry' begins, soon followed by the sound of drums. The volume seems to go up a notch for 'All At Once' both by the crowd and the band. The opening track from their last eponymous EP boast a chorus that any band would like to have penned.

Once again thanking the crowd and informing them they don't usually perform encores but to stick around just in case, they finish with 'Wanted It More'. Needless to say the crowd did want more and were granted two more tracks.

Rolling back a few years, the band returned with 'What Have We Done' which originally accompanied the set opener Imperfections as a double A-Side upon release. To conclude, new single 'Better Days' which was only made public just a few weeks back and was already known by all.

We live in an age where people would seemingly rather spend a tenner and 45 minutes of their time sitting in Starbucks with their friends discussing the weather, rather than buying an album or going to a gig which could really mean something to them.

The coffees can wait. Better Days are coming for Passport to Stockholm.