Yesterday was a busy week for all the fans that came to Wembley to attend the 2015 edition of the Capital’s Summertime Ball. With their most insane line-up ever, Music-News got lucky to get a pass for the pressroom. Here is what we gathered from our glamorous encounters with the artists…

One Direction was the opening act and the first to join us in the press area. Sadly, they paid us a very short but intense visit. We did not get a chance to ask them our question (a top one about the absence of “No Control” on their set list) but, as one other journalist put it, “We are lucky we got to breathe the same air as One Direction, Darling!”

We did get a chance to speak to Little Mix before their incredible performance. They have got a lot coming up: their new single Black Magic that they sang live for the first time in ever, shows, festivals and loads of travels, including a visit to Old Sam’s country. Asked if they had had any occult experiences, Perrie confessed she did see a psychic when she was really young “And everything they said came true!” Asked about using ouija boards, the four girls replied a big collective “No!”

We also got to talk to Lunchmoney Lewis, who is riding the top of the charts with his single “Bills”. Mister Lewis started his career writing songs for others so we asked him how he moved from writing to singing. “It was kind of organic, it happened like that. And I’m glad it did cause it brought me to perform here today and to talk to you, guys.”

We were on a roll and got to ask Nick Jonas about his last single Jealous. Is writing songs a good way to get over his feelings? Is he less jealous now? “I feel so, I hope so! I think song writing is a great outlet to share where your head is at, where your heart is at. For me, it has been actually really therapeutic.”

Rocking a shorter hairdo, Carly Rae Jepsen said it was the closest she will ever get to Joan Jett. She also hinted that the new look was linked to her next single. Random story about her trip to London: all of her clothes got stuck in custom. But, even though it was not hers, miss Jepsen looked absolutely lovely in a green dress.

Finally, we got to interview Ne-Yo. His dream collaborations would be living legends such as Stevie Wonder and Lionel Ritchie. He also explained that, with Father’s Day coming up, he was hoping that his kids would not bake him any surprise. Last time, they burned the whole thing, despite being lovingly taught to bake by Ne-Yo’s own grandmother. If you were at the concert, you might have noticed Ne-Yo’s new glasses; he told us that the running joke since he got them was that he looked like a black Harry Potter! We would say that he is in the right place as we do love our British wizard…