Refined, updated, improved. 'When The Nightmare Gets In' feels like a significant milestone in Nervous Nellie's career – This Swedish band have always had the ability to craft enthralling and thought-provoking music, but their new album sounds like a true modern classic.

Nervous Nellie are a brave bunch, in that each album they've released has taken a different musical direction, with a different flavour to its predecessor. Running the risk of alienating their fan base, their latest offering is infused with euphoric 80s electro-pop, no doubt taking influence from the likes of MGMT and M83. While these influences are certainly present, they are intelligently embedded into their own originality. This is why their fans will never lose faith.

Opener 'Beacons' pitches Killers-esque guitar hooks and smooth pop production, while touching lyrics see frontman Henrik Jonzon baring his soul: “If you get her here tonight, I will love her so much better”. Having set the bar of expectation high, Nervous Nellie do not fail do deliver with two more anthemic 'synthy' tracks, 'Eaten By Bears' and 'Gloves', boldly carrying the album forward. A tonal change comes in the shape of track 4, 'Skeletons', which has a harsher and a harder-driven edge – the cutting guitar and pounding snare really make the track.

The album's fifth, 'You're So Sad', features an unexpected guest appearance from red-headed vocal phenomenon, Paloma Faith. Gorgeous harmonies intricately weave throughout the delicate composition – this is not only proof of this band's versatility, but their ability to win the ears of such high-profile artists like Faith.

'Dead Dirt' is perhaps the high-point of the whole album. It is able to lift the heaviest of hearts during its 2 minutes and 50 seconds, with a gloriously articulated brass and string accompaniment, complimenting the purity of Jonzon's intimate lyrics. It is quickly followed by closing track 'No Sound': a pumping percussion-lead piece, as if to bring its listeners back to real life, after being completely consumed by the otherworldly experience of 'When The Nightmare Gets In'. Nervous Nellie leave us energized and hungry for more. Even if we don't know what's coming next.

Written by Charlie Stork.