Glass Alley, one of the songs that features on Sinner DC's myspace site, conveys enough style, substance and verve to impress any newcomer, whether he loves the so-called ambient dance genre they supposedly belong to, or even if one's tastes are more rock-oriented. This Swiss Band, who have been around for almost a decade, can conjure songs, which go beyond just being sweeping electronic sounds. Anyway, for example, would go down really well with Pink Floyd lovers. Hence my emphasis on this ambient dance band delivering songs, rather than just dance arrangements. As a live trio, they can come up with great improvisations, incorporating found sounds and great electronic, as well as organic sounds which capture minimalism and transform it into an art form in their own way and style. Yes, it is indeed an art form that captivates because time and again, Sinner DC have managed to come up with original songs that sets them apart in this rather artistic but rather ambiguous field. Perhaps the fact that they have performed so many times all over Europe may also account for such verve. Sinner DC, over this decade, have collaborated with artistes like Plaid, The Field, Vitalic, Sigur Ros, M83, Spectrum, Margaret Dygas, Black Dice, Matias Aguayo, Nuno dos Santos & Patrice Bäumel, Mondkopf, Emperor Machine ... and also collaborated with artists such as Sonic Boom, Christian Marclay, Water Lilly, Rone, Object Object, Geoff McFetridge, Parra, Neil Krug and Piano Magic among many others.

The punctuated, eerie yet pulsating and atmospheric aura which Sinner DC deliver on They Never Stay is a case in point. It shows a band that is in love with electronica, but also ready to meet the challenges posed by electronica and everything that goes with it, including pop, dance and rock. The trancy, acid-house influened Summer 57, a big club hit all over Switzerland, further proves how much this band can also fit in the trance scene with ease and yet retain its commitment. Perhaps it is also high time that Sinner DC, on the strength of this dance tune, be included in the annual Café del Mar's balmy summer anthology. John Peel would have probably loved playing them,.

Sinner DC will be performing at Vault 1, Valletta Waterfront on Saturday January 23rd. Further information can be obtained from or phone number 79593116