MN: In an Island where every singer¡¦s dream is Eurovision, How is it we do not ever see Kristina Casolani participating. It is not such a bad idea for an ambitious singer like you to perform to millions in Europe. Is it not?

KC: You are definitely right! It is not a bad idea at all to be seen performing in front of millions of people but I feel the genre of songs that participate in the actual Eurovision are very mediocre and tend to be very cheesy however it¡¦s not my place to discriminate anyone who takes part in it but never say never you just might find me participating in the event one day!

MN: Post Millenium years have been amazing for you. You dominated the Maltese music scene with some memorable performances and songs. How would you describe these 8 years in the shortest possible paragraph or do we need a book?

KC:These 8 years have been a very exciting journey for me with both ups and downs. However all these experiences are what made me the person I am today. I love every minute of entertaining an audience especially when you¡¦re getting great feedback from them. I like to refer to this feeling as a natural high. Music is my life I'd be lost without being creative.

MN:One of the most disappointing moments in the 2008 music scene here in Malta was the fact the The Isle of MTV Malta Special had no Maltese acts on board. How do you feel about this? Please no diplomatic b_ l _ sh_t!!

KC:Well .. I can¡¦t agree more. It was very upsetting especially since we had the opportunity to be seen by some very important people in the Music Industry who were present at the event. Unfortunately the fact remains that we'd rather push foreign acts than our very own. Having said that it could also have been a case of Mtv having strict orders from their management not to have any unsigned performers in the event but whatever the case the local organisers still should have tried harder.

MN:We have witnessed some of your amazing gigs. Made us sweat actually. Being a leading Artist must create pressure. How do you handle all the pressure?
To be totally honest, I don't always handle pressure very well but I¡¦ve learnt to deal with it as the years have passed. It's what goes on before the event that stresses me out not the actual performance itself. It's when I have to handle things like dead lines, untrained dancers that were supposedly professionals that's when I go a bit mad but thank God it all seems to work out in the end!

MN:During the last few years, you have created huge success in Malta and won over thousands of fans. We declare that you have the X factor. What are your International aspirations?

My biggest aspiration would be having my songs making it to number 1 in the International market, being respected and being remembered for my work by millions of people worldwide. It would be amazing to hear them singing away and relating to my music in some way or another. It¡¦s great to think that even here in Malta people say how much they like a certain song of mine because they¡¦ve passed through the exact same thing, and once they heard my song it made it easier for them to carry on with their day, and feel more positive about their situation. It feels amazing to touch peoples¡¦ lives in that way. It¡¦s very satisfying I must say.

MN:X Factor. Dring dring. Rings a bell. We published exculsive news last month that named you and X Factor. Where they just rumours?

KC:No they were not rumours. It was a great experience even though I waited 12 hours to get to my 1st of many auditions. I waited two hours out in the rain and 10 hrs in the 02 Arena in London amongst the other 18,000 who were auditioning on the same day as me. Of the 185, 000 applicants, I managed to pass several rounds, though I eventually had to concede disqualification when the organisers discovered I was not a bona fide UK resident. It was a bit of a let-down however later I learnt that I had made it to the final 50, which is quite good I suppose.

MN:We have witnessed some current 2008 X Factor Finalists. Our favourite is ¡¥Diana¡¦ actually if she can keep her hands still. I must say there are superior Artists in Malta than some of the Finalists!! So in your opinion, Why do you think Maltese Artists find it tough to break into the International music business?

KC:It¡¦s hard because it takes a lot of time and money to promote oneself and unfortunately money is usually spent on things like Eurovision instead of using the finances on promoting very talented bands and artists who could make the difference.

MN:November and December are Music Awards months. What does Kristina expect from these important events?

KC:I except to enjoy performing as much as I can and I hope the audience will enjoy my performance as much as they usually do.
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Thanks for all your support! Hope to see you at the Malta Music Awards on the 29th November @ MFCC for an exclusive performance by Toby and myself !

MN:The Interview has to end with a light hearted curiosity... Ha! Ha!

Kristina Casolani at 60 years old will be

*A pensioner telling her Grandkids of her glittering career? Or
* A greying diva still dominating the Music Industry in Malta a la ¡¥Madonna¡¦ (The singer)? Or
*A female pilot flying jets for a hobby.
*A multi millionaire owner of KC Records in LA.

KC:* God only knows !!

Kristina, we are proud to make this The Exclusive Music-News.Com Malta Interview of the month for November 2008.

Thank you and God bless.