Name: Colourblind

Website / Facebook / Twitter / You Tube page ? :

Favourite International Band?: That's a difficult question to answer. Being a 6 member band the list would be endless. Perheps a band we might all agree upon is Dream Theater, but then again we all have different tastes in music and perheps that is one of the reasons our sound is unic.

Favourite Type of Music?: Progressive Rock/Classic Rock

Favourite Gig/Venue ever played? On a personal level it has to be Rockestra, as a band the best venue would probably be Rock Cafe (Ahh the good old days)

When did the band first get together and how ?: Guitarist Alistair and Drummer Shaun are brothers and they started playing togeather, after that I joined them and the journey started.

Do you rehearse regularly?: We rehearse 3 times a week.

Have you released albums/singles in the past? Give us a brief description for this: Yes we released an ep in 2000 called Forever Lost in 2003 we recorded 2 songs that were not released (Paper Planes and The Journey) and after a line up change a full length album called Spectre was recorded in 2009. Yet again after another band lineup change in 2012 we released another eb called the Broken Dreams which features the 2003 unrelised Paper Planes.

Have you ever performed abroad/if yes describe the experience/if not is a foreign performance planned? To this day we played 3 times abroad. Our first experience was Hard Rock Café Rome, a small gig but lots of fun for us and a good first experience, the second was Ayia Napa music festival…another great experience for the band and the third was Sweden a great experience for the band where we played a privet gig in the clubhouse of a Swedish MC club No Name MC, where we were treated like kings and the experience was one we will never forget. As for the future, we have a great opportunity coming up for next year, but for now that is all I can say 

What is a typical gig day for the band? : Usually a typical gig day would be quite hectic especially here in Malta as you have to haul all the equipment, set up, sound check, then try to relax a bit and it’s time to rock 

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being excellent) in your opinion, how much does the Maltese TV/Radio industry support local bands like yours? : Unfortunately the answer has to be around 3… style wise not being so mainstream there are only a few DJs who play our style of music. We have tried to soften our style on a couple of songs and make it more radio friendly for local radios, but it didn’t work that well. We only have to thank the once who did support us through the years….they know who they are ;)

Do you like Eurovision? Why? / Why not?: Not really, Eurovision is a super commercialised politically inclined event that Malta spends too much money on, money that could be spent on local talent otherwise.

You perform regularly at Fat Harry’s Pub in Bugibba, how challenging is it to perform every week at the same venue?: Performing at Fat Harry’s Pub is a weekly treat for us, we’ve been enjoying it for 10 years now and we still do. It’s quite challenging as since we use the same name ‘Colourblind’ some people get mixed up on what style we play, but I will take this opportunity to explain. As Colourblind we play Progressive Rock and that is the style in our hearts, but over at Fat Harry’s we have fun with music, we pic classic/modern/rock/pop songs and make them our own and have fun playing them the way we want….and people enjoy it 

What are your plans for 2016?: We are currently finishing our new line up and have a few gigs coming up.

Can you share a humourous incident before/during/after one of your performances?: There were many incident through the years, one of the latest once was a couple of years ago, when we were setting up to do our sound check. We had everything ready and when our time came to start the sound check we went to grab our instruments and as the guitarist opened his case he realised that his guitar wasn’t there….. noooo he forgot it at our studio. Oooops

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Interviewed by Joseph Portelli – Music News Malta Editor.