MN: You have played festivals and toured countries all around the world even though the band only formed in 201​2​. Why will playing the IOW Festival be so special for you?

GS: The IOW is such a prestigious festival worldwide, and so it's pretty surreal to think we will performing there in 2015. With such an incredible lineup, this festival is every artists dream show - so playing there will definitely be a career highlight for us.

MN: 3 sisters in a band and on the road. How are the dynamics between you on stage and off?

GS: We're lucky that we all get along pretty well both on an off stage. Of course we definitely have our moments, like all siblings do - but we know each other's strengths and weaknesses and when it's time to give each other space.

MN: you opened for Paul Simon & Sting back home in Adelaide. Did you meet the dynamic duo and if so, any pearls of wisdom for any of you?

​GS: It was an honour to support Paul Simon and Sting in Adelaide, having grown up listening to their music since we were little. Unfortunately we didn't get to personally meet them, but we got to see their amazing show and see how humble they are on stage, which was really amazing.

MN: The album ‘Because You Breathe’ is an unusual title for a debut: What’s the sentiment behind it?

GS: "Because You Breathe" ​was a song I wrote for my friend who was going through a rough time in her life, and I wanted to remind her how special and important she was. This song basically inspired the whole album, as I wanted to remind listeners that because we are alive and breathing, all of us have the power to do what we want to do. It's quite a positive album, reminding people to be happy with who they are, and make the most of life and the people around you.

MN: There are superb vocal harmonies on the record. Was this natural for you, in your genes as it were, or a lot of hard work?

GS: Thank you! Ever since we were little we were singing in harmonies in the back of our car on long car trips across Australia, and doing little concerts for our grandparents and cousins. It was always something that came quite naturally to us, so maybe it's in the genes!

MN: How did the Dublin connection come about for the recording of the album?

GS: Because singing in harmonies is something that is quite unique about our sound, we wanted to work with a producer who specialised in working with female vocals. We contacted Billy Farrell (producer of "The Corrs") in Ireland who loved our songs, and so we ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​packed our bags and spent a month in Jealoustown Studios which was an incredible experience. We also worked with Stuart Gray ("Sinead O'Connor") on the album so that was awesome too. We learnt so much and had a blast.

MN: For Clara and Ella, is Georgia a big-head being such a talent and all even as a child?

GS: ​Clara & Ella: ​ Ha ​ha, nice question!​ No not at all ​, ​ in fact she is really humble despite being a huge talent ​. She's won multiple ​ ​ songwriting competitions ​​ and ​ has had a ​big voice and musicality even as a youngster. ​S​ he is a bit of a perfectionist ​, but she ​ works hard and deserves the recognition ​that she gets.

MN: Seriously, does writing music/lyrics come easy to you Georgia or is it a day by day learning process.

GIORGIA​: In primary school when I didn't have enough pocket money to buy my parents Christmas presents, I'd write them a song. They started off pretty basic, but the more songs I wrote, the better they got. I've always loved songwriting, because it is a way that I could express how I am feeling through music.

MN: What 3 songs represent you let’s say, for the forthcoming public who might venture to see you at the IOW.

​GS: Three of our own songs:
"Da Da Doo": we are happy, chilled out girls from Australia who like having fun and playing music.
​"Golden": We believe in doing what you love and following your dreams, and rocking out in the process.
​"First Plane Home":​ we like to take each day as it comes, because you never know where life will take you.

MN: Are you all keen on twitter and instagram as a way to communicate with your fans.

GS: ​For sure, we love connecting with our fans through social media and are very active on all of these sites.

MN: What bands inspire you and what music do you listen to whilst on the road.

​Georgia: U2, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran
Ella: Two Cellos, Lana Delray
Clara: John Mayer, James Bay

MN: G,C&E- did you have any favourite band t-shirts growing up and can you describe them.

​Georgia: orange and white floral shirt from Missy Higgins
Ella: grey and black Vertigo t-shirt from U2's vertigo tour (we got to meet the band in Adelaide which was pretty cool!)
Clara: plain white t-shirt with Fleetwood mac photo on it

Be sure to check out The Germein Sisters at the Isle Of Wight Festival. They are playing The Isle of Wight Festival – Hard Rock Café Stage on Friday 12th June at 18.45 – 19.25pm.