Let In Be returns to London’s Garrick Theatre for a new run after being seen by over 1 million people worldwide.

In a two-hour spectacle, you are taken back to the heady days of Beatlemania, kicking off at Liverpool’s, now infamous, Cavern Club. The unfolding scenes then guide you chronologically through those critically influential years where Britain, and all it’s musical exports, still ruled the waves and were the envy of lands either side.

Twist and Shout, She Loves You, My Girl, all the hits are performed live with dedicated passion by a cast of technically gifted musicians.

Over 40 of The Beatles’ greatest hits are showcased including Hey Jude, Come Together and Hard Days Night. I could just continue haphazardly peppering this review with song titles but will leave it there except to mention my personal favourite, a touching acoustic rendition of Blackbird.

Shea stadium, Sargent Peppers and Abbey Road are all visited during this rose-tinted view on the psychedelic sixties. Set changes are seamless, interspersed with Beatles sound-bites and original adverts on two vintage TV sets.

The show is essentially a live gig with several costume changes, with both halves bursting with Beatles songs, but somewhat lacking in dialogue. If you are looking for a Beatles play this may disappoint but if you are after a joyous night out at the theatre celebrating The Beatles’ music, in all its various guises, then this is definitely one for you.

With a standing ovation for all the perfomers on the opening night [Michael Gagliano (John), Emanuele Angeletti (Paul), Liverpudlian Paul Mannion (George) and Luke Roberts (Ringo)] and a succession of Beatles 50th celebrations looming, this is a show which is set to run and run.