Natas Loves You (let them explain the rather awkward band name come future interviews) release their first album ‘The 8th Continent’ on march 9th. Hailing from Luxemburg, as the band members have Spanish, Finish, French and American origins, it’s not surprising that a common ground was found with the English language and euro pop.

Much like Phoenix and Air, songs have that typical disco pop beat, often with anthemic chants, sometimes with good hooks, sometimes rather bland. There is often choral singing on a lot of the tracks which can dampen proceedings as on the rather pedestrian ‘Got To Belong’ whereas when vocal duties are better distributed as on the sexy funky ‘Skip Stones’ its all works a treat.

Lyrically as a lot of European bands singing in English there are moments of interest and some rather dull, but obviously they are on a journey as a band in this world and feel the need to lyrically explore this solidarity which is endearing in itself even if some phrases are rather twee.

It’s a good album overall. Get past the early pleasant but safe eurodisco beat type tracks like ‘Horisons’, ‘Got to belong’, ‘Zeppelins’ basic fillers like ‘Scarlet Brown’ and ‘Amazon’, all of a sudden, musically ,the album takes a turn for the better showing some of the real potential of the band.

‘Sirens works a treat with clever little riffs and hooks weaving through the song giving it a certain maturity.
‘If They Follow’ a piano led song with nice guitar flourishes has a darker feel to all the other songs and is a pleasant addition because of it.

‘Game of Tribes’ also has a slower pace, eerie anguished words and vocals in an interesting musical setting with clever instrumental touches.

The track ‘The 8th Continent’ smartly closes leaving a feeling of relative satisfaction overall for any ‘pop’ fan. Could well have a good deal of success (if they can explain the band name) especially in Europe.

Tracks to download: ‘Skip Stones’, ‘Sirens’, ’If They Follow’: