Friday the 13th can bring either luck or misfortune. When it comes to last Friday, and to the people who gathered at the Koko in Camden, it brought a hell of a good time! Ok Go, the American quartet, was playing for a crowd of fans who had been waiting quite some time to see them perform.

What struck with OK Go is that they are not your usual rock band: they make crazy videos for their equally crazy and amazing songs. They even got awards for their video of Here It Goes Again, where they were performing a choreography on treadmills.

But what happens when they are let loose on a stage? Well, they just remain their genuine self, singing their hearts out and pulling up a proper show. They love their fans and show their affection by answering random questions asked by the audience in between songs (“Can you sing Happy Birthday?” “What is your spirit animal?” “How do you grow your beard?” “What is your dream collaboration?”), by jumping into the crowd to sing a song and by inviting a dozen people on stage for the last song, ending the gig with a big fat hug!

The set list allowed the audience to discover Ok Go’s latest album Hungry Ghosts but also to hear hits like You’re So Damn Hot and Here It Goes Again. The band has a fantastic energy and made the crowd feel at home. The new album is pure OK Go: catchy harmonies, weird sounds and beautiful lyrics. They broke all the usual boundaries and gave the sweats to their security team by doing so. The whole concert felt like a big house party: fun, genuine, friendly and with great music given by an exceptionally talented band.