The internet has helped to make both the music we listen to and the games we play international and global in nature. Gone are the days when music and the games we played were determined by where we lived in the world.

The internet and how we now use it on a daily basis has changed a lot of life, and certainly the global village that we all live in has made the games that we play and the music that we listen to much more of a shared international affair.

International radio stations
There are now so many free international radio stations that allow anyone from anywhere to tune in and listen to the music of their choice. Whether mainstream or incredibly niche, music is now freely shared and available, and this has changed the notion of listening to a local radio station forever. Everything is internet-based, and as long as you have internet connectivity, you are able to log in and listen to a radio station from anywhere else in the world.

It’s a little different from listening to mainstream music that can be purchased or downloaded in that some radio stations will play music specifically on where they are based, and the Disc jockeys or presenters will be local to the area and will share information and jokes about this specific locale. Therefore, it’s also a great way to get to know more about the world and is one of the main ways that music and entertainment have started to blur the lines of national and even international tastes and trends.

Streaming music
The streaming music sector has changed the manner in which we access and listen to music. It has been one of the major disruptors in the music industry that we have ever seen, and it continues to develop and improve all the time.

Initially, when music went online, and iTunes became a way to purchase and access music (where you could purchase a song or an album and then download it), there were still some significant costs involved.

However, as streaming has begun to disrupt the sector, prices have dropped, and music lovers are able to pay a recurring fee to an online provider to access millions of songs from thousands of artists to download and listen to at their pleasure.

Sharing on social media
Social media has become one of the most widely used platforms for sharing and interacting with others from around the globe. It has provided a platform to share music, games, and more, used by singers to drop new albums and share what’s hot and what’s not. Social media has also allowed so many artists to lengthen their careers and, like Brett Anderson, make music well into their 50s, as it’s a simple way to share music across the globe.

Regardless of where you live in the world, depending on the social media platforms or forums that you use, there will be the opportunity to share with others with the same preferences and even those with very divergent views and likes. It has become one of the main ways of promoting the global village, where music and games have become some of the most shared forms of entertainment and enjoyment we have ever had.

Online casinos
It may have previously been the case that you could only access the casino games that were available in your own locale. However, the online casino has now changed this aspect of gaming, and you can play the self-same games and be entertained in the same way as anyone else around the world.

Furthermore, there are also specialty games available on a wider basis than ever before – and, thanks to the internet, there have been significant changes in the culture of these games, too. A great example would be Bingo – a classic that’s been loved by many for decades upon decades, and not just casino fans, either.

In the past, going down to the local Bingo hall used to be a common pastime that many people undertook as part of their weekly routine. It was a time of socialization, meeting up with other Bingo fans, enjoying quality time with friends, and having some fun. Nowadays, the game is enjoyed by many worldwide, and it’s all thanks to the online casino sector, which has brought this old fan favorite into its most recent digitized format – online Bingo.

Indeed, you can play Bingo from the comfort of your own home and play with other fans of the game without having to leave your house – all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection. Even the social aspect of the old-fashioned Bingo hall has also been replicated by internet Bingo platforms; often, there’ll be an online community on these sites where players from around the globe (not only your local community, as was the case with land-based Bingo establishments) can chat while playing the game – or in between rounds.

Start here, and you can see some examples of online Bingo, as well as similar classic games like Slingo and Keno, which have now become household games on an international level and are more widely played than ever in their history – all based on the spread and ease of access of the internet.

Online games and e-sports
Competitive computer games have grown in popularity across the globe. You can now play your favorite games against other gamers from around the world. No matter where you live, as long as you have the internet, you will be able to play the top trending games that are popular worldwide.
Games such as Fortnite and DOTA 2 are played amongst and between players of any age, race, creed, and nationality with no regard to these demographics. Competitive gaming is now rife in all countries and serves to create a sense of internationalism.

The internet has made the world that we live in much smaller than it has ever been. The notion of a global village has never been truer than it is at the current moment, and as a result of this, we have a music and gaming scene that is completely international.