The influence of music in online slot games is an important part of what makes those games popular. Just like any other form of entertainment, having a recognizable theme tune and a catchy soundtrack can break into the consciousness of players as they associate happy and uplifting tones with playing a particular game.

It is therefore no surprise that music has become just as integral to the slot-play experience as the mechanics of the game itself. Its presence in slot games can take many forms, from catchy generic background Muzak to full-on playlists featuring some of the most recognisable artists in the world.

Musical influence
Slot game developers are now striving to strengthen the link between cheerful music with a positive gaming experience, with popular online slot game Rainbow Riches proving a good example of this. The game opens with a jaunty Irish-themed tune and plays upbeat folk music with every spin to create a sense of a playful mood.

This is all supplemented by themed sound effects associated with leprechauns, wishing wells and pots of gold to add depth to its 5-reel and 20-payline games and the various bonuses and big jackpot prizes you would come to expect from such a slot.

The use of positive music and sound effects to complement the gameplay of slot games is an often-underappreciated element of the music industry, as it can help create an atmosphere. This is particularly also true when it comes to the merchandising aspect of famous artists who lend their name to themed slot games - much to the delight of their fans.

Paradise (City) play
For instance, rock legends Guns N' Roses have been further immortalised in online slot form. Players are first met by the opening bars to Sweet Child O’Mine as soon as they visit the game and the combination of a back catalogue of Axl Rose’s career alongside all the hallmarks of a successful online slot game such as its high 98% RTP ratio allows Guns N’ Roses to appeal to a broader spectrum of the public.

Similar themed slots all honour music greats in the same way, by incorporating their incredible playlists into the gaming experience. This collaboration works to allow artists and bands to generate new brand appeal to a new audience, whilst their fans are able to enjoy playing the slots.

Turning a tune
Not only can you visit musician-themed slot games but there are tons of slot games that use catchy theme tunes to reel you in, in the same way as Rainbow Riches.

Meanwhile, there are slot games from favourite TV shows like Deal Or No Deal that have the permission to use the famous theme tunes in their respective slot games.

So with the variety of musical slot games out there reflecting the wide variety of music genres to enjoy, music's influence is far-reaching. The presence of soundtracks and tunes adds a further element of enjoyment to the slots while artists and bands benefit from gathering new fans.