Although there are few studies demonstrating the link between music and gamer behavior, it is obvious to many. Recently, researchers from the prestigious Faculty of Music at the University of Oxford have begun to take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Their most recent findings suggest that the high-and low-tempo soundtracks that are commonly heard inside games in online and land-based casinos may influence player behavior in more than one way. Here are some details about this effect.

Audio Factors that Can Influence Player’s Behavior
Studies conducted show that low tempo music with powerful bass increases the number of bets of players. In other words, a happy, uplifting song played on repeat to a gambler who has their eyes glued to the slot machine reels can keep them pressing the button over and over again. A player's persistence at games is therefore influenced by the type of background music that a virtual or land-based casino chooses to play.

On the other hand, the opposite does not seem to be true. Indeed, we did not notice that if a game has a soundtrack with a high tempo it would seem that it does not influence the way a player evaluates or perceives the game.

The University has not yet released the conclusions of its study but for the moment, according to what non GamStop gambling games tell us, it seems clear that riskier gambling behaviors can therefore be associated with low-time casino music.

But music is not the only element that can influence the behavior of players inside a virtual or land-based casino. If you have visited an online casino recently, you may have noticed that a lot of new games have appeared since your last online casino game. Gambling enthusiasts appreciate being able to constantly change things up and try out new casinos, games, graphics, promotions, bonuses and payment methods.

The Sound of Victory
Although the game's aesthetics and potential earnings are certainly important factors in the player's overall experience, the most interesting aspect for developers is the "sound of victory". It is a short, festive piece of music that serves as a victory signal for the player who hits the winning combination in the game.

Sometimes developers use a similar piece to express an impending victory which helps increase the player's self-esteem and make them feel that victory was very close to them. This is not limited to slots or casino games only, but this is the case with video games in general. Regardless of victory or "imminent victory" this piece of music encourages players to keep playing, but note that not all casino games have a specific sound or piece of music played on loss to encourage players to bet more money on casino games. Tones and melodies are most likely used to promote only positive emotions, and this is another trick to lessen the psychological impact of defeat.

Impact on Your Pace of Play
The game does not contain only one track, but it includes several tracks. All of them are listed by level of play. Each game has three levels to play: normal, fast, and ultra-fast. If a player decides to increase their playing pace, the track will change accordingly. The game can start with a rhythmic type of music to motivate the player and the sound remains unchanged so that the player does not lose focus or stray. Note that if a player leaves the game for a period of time, the game automatically changes its music. This is done to prevent them from logging out of the gaming platform. The tempo can also change when players hit one of the Scatter or Wild symbols. In this case the atmosphere becomes very charged with loud sound effects.

How Do Game Developers Create Specific Effects on Players' Behavior?
The well-known fact is that as the number of casino players increases, the casino profits will also increase. In addition, the player must spend a significant amount of time playing in order for the casino to receive significant profits from it. In all casinos, different strategies are developed to recognize the players’ behavior and change the sound effects accordingly, which are as follows:

● They have software that monitors the players’ behavior.
● They have algorithms that create a player profile (to include all the games he's already bet on to a favorite folder, for example).
● They try to learn their favorite music through the games of their choice.

To achieve this, the casino needs to check the number of times the player log into the casino. Once the player has this data they can enter the music as soon as they see the player!

Tips to Avoid the Influence of Music on Your Gaming Behavior
The use of music for casino games is sure to increase your enjoyment, entertainment and immersion in the gaming experience, however, we must not lose sight of the danger it poses in the medium and long term. These games create a highly stimulating environment that can simply lead the player to gamble excessively. To avoid falling into this trap, it is essential to define your gaming budget and not to exceed it under any circumstances.

Choose the games that have the background music best suited to your personal preferences and tastes – but remember that you might be influenced by your choice, so be careful about the music that accompanies your favorite machine. You can always turn it off and focus strictly on the game, so no distractions can affect the way you play, but it's always nicer to have good background music.

If you're a musician writing your own songs, you can try offering your services to an online gambling site. Your relaxing saxophone beats or slow-tempo songs could become the next background tunes for the most sophisticated slot machines or roulette games on the market.