Music plays an essential role in our lives. Beyond merely entertaining, it can improve attention and memory and inspire us to keep going when life gets rough.

Live gaming at online casinos provides many of the same benefits as in-person play, and listening to music can help get you in the gambling mood.

Which tunes are the best for a virtual casino? To help you get started, we’ve put together some ideas of the best music to listen to while playing online.

Popular Genres
Genres like pop, hip hop and progressive house can be excellent listening choices for online gambling. Each style has unique features that make it ideal.

Pop is currently a worldwide favourite, and many online casinos like Casumo Live Casino use this genre in their theme songs. This style of music is exciting and can help keep you motivated while playing. It may even help you hold a winning streak while gambling.*

Hip-hop songs often refer to hard work and going after your dreams. They can help inspire you to become a winner.*

Progressive house is a blend of jazz and electronic music. It’s excellent for relaxing your mind while playing, so you can focus and make better decisions.*

Gambling Hit Songs
Many artists worldwide have written and covered songs that refer to gambling. The following are a few examples you might want to try during online play:

Luck, Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra is a popular classic from the 1920s. It compares luck with a lady’s loyalty and beauty. The upbeat, jazzy tempo promises fun and good vibes.*

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers mentions that gambling is similar to surviving in life. In both cases, you need to learn how to read people, hide your emotions and bluff.*

Shape of My Heart by Sting is about luck and destiny, telling about a poker player who doesn’t care whether he wins or loses.

Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley may be one of the best songs ever written about gambling and is the unofficial anthem of Las Vegas. This song carries listeners to the world of casinos, with shining lights, glamourous tables and spinning roulettes. It also mentions slots, craps, poker, blackjack and roulette, making it perfect for any online game.

Game-Specific Titles
Some songs refer to cards or spinning, making them ideal for specific casino games. Here are a few famous titles that are worth a listen:

• Poker Face by Lady Gaga
• Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive
• Ace of Spades by Motorhead
• Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton
• That Was a Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R.
• The Jack by AC/DC
• Shape of My Heart by Sting

Other Inspiring Tunes
Some songs have nothing to do with gambling, but they capture the spirit of those who play. Here are a few examples:

• Thrift Shop by Macklemore refers to acting rich regardless of what you have.
• Money for Nothing by Dire Straits mentions “money for nothing and your drinks for free,” the dream of any casino lover.
• I Wanna Be Rich by Calloway reminds us of the potential of becoming an instant millionaire by hitting a huge jackpot.

In a Nutshell
Many tunes refer to gambling or otherwise inspire those who play online. Pop, hip hop and progressive house are some of the most popular genres.

You might also choose songs that refer to gambling or specific games. Regardless of the music you choose, make sure it helps you concentrate and put forth your best effort during online play.