Amazon Music and the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), the UK artist trade body, are delighted to announce the FAC Step Up Fund supported by Amazon Music.

The FAC Step Up Fund will provide financial support and a broader package of benefits for projects of up to ten upcoming artists. The FAC Step Up Fund aims to boost the development of talented artists, acknowledging the financial and structural challenges they face at this particular stage of their careers.

Making an impact as an artist in a crowded field is always a challenge, however, it has been made even harder by the unprecedented impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Artists can apply for the FAC Step Up Fund for support on any projects related to their artist career, including recording, releasing, marketing and tour support.

The fund will support projects over the course of a 12-month period. Applications are welcome from professional artists of all genres, based in the UK, aged 16+. Applicants must have released at least three songs within the last year, with a minimum of 10k streams per song on a mainstream streaming service and must not have an ongoing agreement with a major or large independent record label.

Awardees will receive up to £8,000 in financial support as well as a one-year free membership and exclusive benefits with the Featured Artists Coalition and program support from Amazon Music, including access to an exclusive 3 Day Recording, Mixing and Mastering Package at Metropolis Studios.

Applications open on Tuesday, 30th November, and close at 23:59 on Friday, 17th December 2021. Artists or their managers/team members can apply via