Having already serenaded us with a rich and enticing array of delights over the last few months, including the singles ‘A.A. Gill’, ‘2666 (Love Is On Its Way)’, and ‘You’ve Got That Look’, emerging singer-songwriter Jonny Woolnough returns once again to share his captivating new effort ‘Mayurqa’.

Have a listen to Jonny Woolnough’s latest single ‘Mayurqa’ below.

Lifted from his forthcoming debut album of the same name, which lands on the 19th November, ‘Mayurqa’ offers up more of that same tranquil beauty we can’t wait to enjoy on his upcoming full-length.

Marrying his soft and supple voice against a smooth and laid-back production, shimmering with bright and lofty textures at every turn, it feels like he is wooing us with every chord and verse.

Jonny will also be supporting his upcoming album with an exclusive live show at Leeds’ The Hyde Park Book Club on the 17th November. Tickets for the show are available now here.