When she was pregnant, Pina Jung’s mother would sit in nature for hours at a time, singing along amid the trees, flowers and wildlife. Although she may not have known it at the time, years later she would tell Pina that the voice had, in fact, been that of her unborn daughter. “Your soul always wanted to sing,” she would say.

Fast-forward to the present day and little has changed. With the recent release of her new project EP wuwei, Pina Jung looks to whisk listeners away on a journey into hope, inspiration, love and good vibes. As she puts it: “You don’t need to be any other then yourself.” Indeed, in a world where acting like anything but our real selves is all too common, this is no easy task. Yet with her dreamlike sound that blends rich, euphoric instrumentation with hauntingly beautiful vocals, Pina manages to do just that. From the very first notes, it’s clear that this music resonates with something very profound in all of us.

Although the message of EP wuwei is a positive one and euphoric as her nature, this project was created out of a strong internal realisation, That she had to chase her dream and work with people who would support her and connect with her vibe. Pina therefore worked with sound-designer and rapper Knackeboul and Producer Henrik Amschler in zurich.

In the lyrics of "Wuwei" themes have flowed into the heart of Stefanie's life:
The search for one's own pace (“Breathe in, breathe out”), the course of a relationship between Ecstasy about letting go until moving on ("Lonely Times") or a love song to your mother, which is about the transformation of one's own body to an undefined place ('One day we'll all be feelings'). Despite all the direct-ness, Pina Jung's texts always remain pictorial and poetic from which everyone should take something of their own.

The artwork for “Wuwei” comes from the London-based visual artist and musician Tiziana Niederberger aka amara_ctk100. 'Your representations of femininity, of women as inner worlds, not as Objects, and also in a very unique visual language', that's what Stefanie Gubser prompted her asking to draw their songs. The result was a picture for each song with integrated Text fragments, they are published in the vinyl booklet.

Today we are exhited to announce the release of the new Video Breathe In Breathe Out directed by Tamara Reichle.

This song tells the restless story of our time. A pace that sometimes makes us all almost sick. We race against time to hurry through the day efficiently and productively. The main goal is to be busy and not lazy. Pina Says: “I celebrate lazyness. It gives me a moment to immerse myself, to ask myself what I find great, what I want, where my journey should lead and with whom I want to spend my time. My wisdom: Pause to breathe”

Tamara Reichle comments: «The focus for me as a director was to create a space between reality and the dream world, using effective light productions.

Thanks to Pina Jung's trust, we were able to let off steam as a young creative team in a playground full of new possibilities, use synergies and develop our potential.»

This song is meant to be a self-empowerment for all those who run against time and get out of breath and encourage them to fall completely into lazyness at least once a day.