Finding other musicians and artists to work with is a dilemma for that a lot of budding songwriters face. After all, most of us begin making music alone in our bedrooms, strumming a guitar or tinkering on an electronic keyboard. Then, sooner or later, we realise that a collaborator would be useful.

It makes sense, because few of us can do everything ourselves. You maybe a great songwriter but can you hold a vocal tune? You maybe a poetic genius with lyrics but can you carve out a hooky melody? Besides which, working with other artists can help broaden our creative horizons. Some musicians would like to form a band so they can play live gigs. Others want that collaborative buzz that comes with fusing their musical ideas with the passions of somebody else. Collaboration is how musicians – actually any artist for that matter – can extend their reach into areas that were once beyond them. Where would a filmmaker be without his actors or camera operators? Where would a writer be without her publisher or distributor? Collaboration makes interesting things become a reality.

The best way to find a musical collaborator? You just need to ask. Platforms like Verse Chorus are specifically designed to bring creative musicians together. How does it work? You simply post a message and ask for interest in your project. Thanks to the digital revolution, musicians can work with one another on a global level. The great thing about this collaborative model is that you can easily build your “tribe” no matter where you are on the planet and no matter how specific your needs are.

Creative energy can sometimes benefit from a new influence. Opening yourself up to working with a collaborator can not only solve practical problems, like helping you to broaden your musical output, it can also give rise to new creative inspiration. Try working with somebody new, and you might be surprised how their input can open up your potential pathways as a musician and a creative.

The reason we mention the Verse Chorus platform specifically is that it offers a range of other amazing tools to help songwriters build their careers. You can curate your own music profile and browse the profiles of other members too (it’s free to do this by the way). And not only does it allow you to hook up with other musical creatives by simply posting a message (this is free too!), you can also utilise its suite of applications, which includes uploading your own audio samples and showcasing your professional fees.

One of the tools on Verse Chorus that is gaining a lot of traction right now is their Song Builder tool, where you can write a song on the platform itself. Different elements (verse, chorus, bridge) are available to slot in as you craft your song. The best thing about it is that as you type, you get given suggestions for rhyming words, so you are never short of ideas about where to take your lyrical masterpiece next.

So if you’re a singer looking for songwriters to work with, or a musician looking for band members, or even a producer looking for artists to record with, then why not take the next step and try collaboration. It could change your musical journey.