Sydney DJs turned Alternative Pop/Rock group "Ask & Embla" ambitious first release, a raw and haunting song tackling mental health disorders.

Despite a turbulent year had by all so far, Ask & Embla have still managed to play 3 sold out shows around the City of Sydney, and building off the back of this success are excited to be sharing this defiant and thought provoking first outing. The track speaks to the listener from the perspective of the protagonist in the middle of an internal battle and conversation with their personified mental health.

"The Calm" opens with a huge wall of drums that would make Trump nervous, but it just as quickly strips this away to reveal a beautifully rich and meaty acoustic guitar sound that melts in your eardrum. The track builds and builds to a climax that aims to be just as jarring and earth shattering as one's mental health could be whilst also providing a hook that will be stuck in your head for days.

Ask & Embla are a 5 piece Alternative Pop band based in Western Sydney. Songwriters Joshua Keane and Cameron Langley (pictured above from left to right) have been performing and writing together since 2017, and they aren't afraid to tackle robust themes and subject matter. This release will be the Debut single for the group and sends a strong message that these boys have some important things to say. With several more songs scheduled for release in 2021, listen out for more music that endeavours to reach across an entire rainbow of emotions.

Lead Vocalist Joshua Keane speaking on the bands unique sound "Unapologetic, Confronting and unashamed. I would liken our voice to the same resistant messages that came out of grunge in the 90s but with a much more timeless and broad pop rock sound"

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