Electronic Alt Rock duo Bear Witness release monstrous new track ‘Chase The Night’. Seamlessly blending rainy, neon soaked, Blade Runner ambience with choruses of blockbuster proportions.

Enlisting the mixing prowess of 7 x GRAMMY nominated producer Joel Hamilton (Highly Suspect) and the mastering expertise of GRAMMY winning mastering engineer Adam Ayan; the duo set their sights on a track that paired soft, dark R’n’B inspired verses with cataclysmic, Alt Rock choruses. The work of Hamilton and Ayan can certainly be heard in the track, adding size to the guitars, power to the drums and a 3 dimensionality to the ambience, enveloping the listener in a world of soft synths and sampled drums before effortlessly transitioning into belting vocals and formidable live drums.

The vocals rise and fall with the track, softly sung amongst the dark pads and Vangelis style electric piano before opening up into passionate rock vocals echoing Linkin Park. Influences from varying genres can be heard throughout: the rainy, neon bathed verses sprinkled with delicate vocals are reminiscent of The Weeknd’s ‘House of Balloons’ & ‘My Dear Melancholy’ EPs; with sampled drums that feel similar to Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’. The choruses come from an entirely different dimension, guitars on the scale of Highly Suspect’s anthemic ‘My Name Is Human’ storm the front, followed swiftly by a tuned vocal loop that tows the line between modern Bring Me The Horizon and anime electronic rockers Who Ya Extended. Normally a rock song that pulls from genres so far off would struggle to maintain coherency, however ‘Chase The Night’ not only avoids this pitfall but rises above because of it, this is not a rock song, it is a hybrid of dark R’n’B, Blade Runner and Rock, creating a world that is firmly its own and standing proud within it. A real testament to the strong writing and seasoned engineering that went into it. A dynamic, genre bending Electronic Rock track for fans of Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, Highly Suspect and any fans of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean that are partial to Rock.

Matt’s lyrics explore loneliness and feelings of inadequacy. Questioning whether it is himself or the world that has changed as he sings ‘everything is feeling so differently’ yet ‘when I turn around it all looks the same to me’. Emotional vocals follow, calling out ‘you can take my soul’ if ‘I can feel a little’, desperation relatable to any that have encountered tough times.

Bear Witness were formed in Worcester by brothers Matt and Alex Georgiou, who initially played for high school peers at local music venues and relocated to Birmingham following university. As a duo they turned heads – with 11 of their 16 tracks played on BBC Introducing Hereford and Worcester and their singles ‘Save The Youth I Own’, ‘Perfect Living’, and ‘laugh out loud’ playlisted on Total Rock, Brum Radio and many other stations. They have stated a desire to create Rock that takes influence from many different genres, an aim made crystal clear in 'Chase The Night'.

The lengths the two go to bring their music to life for their followers and fans is substantial to say the least. Directing, producing and editing the videos all themselves to perfectly portray the narrative of the brothers’ lyrics. ‘Chase The Night’ is no exception, the video follows the protagonist as he finds himself stuck in a time loop, forever haunted by an ominous masked figure. Shot in Kilve by Marianne Harris, the visuals move between a desolate, Mad Max-esque wasteland; soft pastel streaked FX and dramatic Samurai stylized Black & White. It is a wonderfully compelling music video that features stunning FX, an exciting narrative and a dramatic end that pairs brilliantly with the track.

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