The debut single and official music video by Possible Impossible performing "Oxygen" is available everywhere now.

Critically acclaimed Video Game Director and Producer Patrick Wayne fronts Possible Impossible, a forward-thinking pop project with a collection of experimental electronic singles that emerged from a collaboration with LA producer Trent Park.

From spinning early 90s Grunge and Rock records to playing in a collection of emo and punk bands from middle school to college years, Wayne's first love was music. With the next two decades dedicated to his career in the Game industry where he attained over 200 ‘Game of the Year’ awards, Wayne declared that "when the opportunity struck, [he] planned to return to it".

Debuting with 'Oxygen', Wayne makes his comeback to music with a sound that is both fresh and familiar by infusing his gritty garage rock vocal with modern R&B Pop instrumentation. The lyrics depict an atypical love letter to his wife which ponders what life would be like without her loving and dedicated partnership.