Gobbana's NEW song OOPS is released Friday, June 11th. This obvious hit is not only the perfect summer sing-a-long but the new #OOPSChallenge is sure to have the whole internet dancing. Whether you need a pick-me-up or you’re on a joyride around the city, “Oops” is the track for you. Pre-order Opps here.

Gobbana’s life is an enigmatic blessing that fuels his raps to limitless heights. The world needs a Philly rapper from the projects. One who influences us all with the tenacity and maturity to talk about solutions rather than a stagnant rapper complicit with their complaints. Gobbana utilizes eloquent lyricism, visceral melodic lines, and witty punchlines over a dancy, modernized trap/rap sound to communicate his message of empowerment.

Opening for Migos and K-Camp, creating an award-winning stage play to improve college retention rates, modeling, constructing a fashion line, hosting a radio show, and educating at schools solidifies his mark on the world. Destiny has hand-picked Gobbana throughout his ventures, proving that the best leaders never want to lead, but are chosen to lead. His music will single- handedly change the game, making him “The Answer' like Iverson. Don’t be surprised, be ready.

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